Sandra Bullock & Jesse James Struck by Drunk Driver

By Garth O'Brien | April 20, 2008 
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Lucile Gatchell DUIGloucester, Massachusetts. Sandra Bullock, Jesse James and Mark Hussey were traveling through Gloucester when Lucile Gatchell, 64, drove head-on into their SUV. Bullock and company were not injured luckily as Hussey driving slowly.

Gatchell appeared dazed, but that might be due to causes other than being involved in an auto accident. Investigating police officers immediately detected an odor of intoxicants from Gatchell, and her eyes were bloodshot and glassy. When she conversed with police her speech was characterized as “extremely slurred.”

Gatchell participated in the field sobriety tests which resulted in more evidence supporting the notion that she might be impaired of intoxicants. She was quickly arrested and quickly made some incriminating statements on the ride to the police station. My favorite being, “My first drunk driving and I hit Sandra Bullock.” The evidence of guilt at this point is piling up. What could further cinch Gatchell’s noose?

At the police station Gatchell submits to a breath test and delivers a whooping 0.20 reading. Massachusetts’s DUI legal limit is 0.08. Gatchell continued to thwart her possibility of a decent defense with more statements. She confirmed her consumption of alcohol with 2 glasses of wine. They must have been 2 steins of wine and not 2 glasses.

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