Republican State Representative John Trebilcock’s DUI Plea

By Garth O'Brien | January 12, 2008 
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Republican ArrestsTulsa, Oklahoma. Republican State Representative John Trebilcock, of Broken Arrow, Oklahoma was in court to formally change his plea on a criminal charge stemming from a DUI arrest last year.

Representative John Trebilcock entered into a deal with prosecutors in July of 2007. Trebilcock needed to comply with various court imposed restrictions for six months. Upon successful completion of the court terms Treilcock’s no contest DUI plea would be reduced to a no contest Reckless Driving plea.

Trebilcock was required to work 10 days for the City of Tulsa and attend an alcohol class. John attended a DUI victim impact panel and pay fines of $750.00. This most likely will not help for Trebilcock’s next re-election, but a DUI arrest did not prevent Republican Jane Hague from reclaiming her County Council seat. Too bad our elected officials that make laws cannot follow them.

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