Purposed Washington State DUI Roadblock Law Dies

By Garth O'Brien | March 1, 2008 
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Christine Gregoire DUI RoadblockOlympia, Washington. Washington State Governor Christine Gregoire attempted to rely upon an illegal measure to stop DUI. Gregoire was pushing a bill that would allow Washington police officers to utilize DUI roadblocks. The Washington State Supreme Court has previously ruled such roadblocks are too invasive.

The DUI checkpoint is a lame approach to solving the DUI problem. When the police want to use a roadblock they must inform the public of the date, time and location of the roadblock ahead of time. Then they stop every car on that stretch of roadway “investigating” whether or not anyone is under the influence. Yes, it would probably snare drunk drivers. However, it also disrupts the life of the innocent driver. The driver that has not consumed any alcohol or drugs prior to driving. The citizen driver that has not committed a crime or traffic infraction.

Also, the roadblock is not mobile. They remain at one place. A drunk driver can avoid the checkpoint by taking an alternate route. That is an effective DUI counter measure? If Gregoire really wanted to stop DUI she would require every vehicle in the State of Washington to install an Ignition Interlock Device. Before you start the car you blow into the device. If you have been drinking your car does not start. That will stop DUI. Not some promoted roadblock that intrudes upon the guilty and the innocent.

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