Professional British Soccer Player Luke McCormick Gets 7 Years

By Garth O'Brien | October 14, 2008 
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Great Britain – October 6, 2008. Luke McCormick, 25, will not be tending goal for his Plymouth Argyle team for a long time. The professional soccer player was sentenced to serve seven years in prison for a ghastly crime. During the summer McCormick was under the influence of intoxicants while driving his Range Rover.

McCormick was heading home after attending his brother’s wedding when he smashed into the Peak family’s vehicle. The accident claimed the lives of Aaron Peak, 10, and his younger brother Ben, 8. The brother’s father, Phil was driving and suffered severe injuries restricting Phil to a wheelchair.

During the hearing the Peak brother’s mother, Amanda, sobbed while holding their photo. A statement was read on her behalf while she wept openly. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Peak family.

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3 Responses to “Professional British Soccer Player Luke McCormick Gets 7 Years”

  1. Ross Bendix on October 16th, 2008 2:10 pm

    Dear Sir,
    This story has stirred up a big debate in the UK.
    I will not condone this mans actions and being a supporter of the team for he once played. i wanted to put a few facts straight.
    1. the wedding was an ex team mate
    2. he went to bed and then woke 2 hrs later and then stupidly decided to drive home whilst still over the limit.
    3. he was asked not to by his room mate – who called him once he woke and told him to pull over.
    4. he pleaded guilty and not once decided to do the other.
    5. he drove at high speeds in attempt to get home to confront his GF on allegations of unfounded cheating.
    6. The club he played for basically fired him prior to the court case in july, offence commited in june and jailed oct 6th.
    These are facts but this is my point, not one of the above gives any reason to a) get behind the wheel of a car and b) drive a car and C) drive at speed.
    Why did he not simply, get a grip on his childish emotions and CALL his Girlfriend and then have a cofee, 3 pints of water and drive home once more clear headed…..2 hours sleep isnt enough plus he had driven to manchester jet lagged after a 5 day break in NYC.
    The guy is a nice guy, not wishing to do this but alcohol isnt nice, i am sure hes ruined this families life let alone his own.
    Drinking plkus driving does this, when will anyone learn that is is just an assh0le that drives whilst drunk……
    good luck to your quest, to a friend of a killed by a drink driver

  2. GT on November 10th, 2008 4:14 am

    I agree with the points above, but I have no idea what kind of debate or controversy this could have stirred up (I live in Canada, so am not privy to all the news in the UK). To me, this is an open-shut case. I obviously do not know the man, but I am sure that he is a pretty great person in other aspects of his life. However, what he did is inexcusable, and in any of our lives it is true that we are defined by our actions. So, what is there to debate? He made several reckless, foolish, and selfish decisions that ultimately destroyed an entire family.

    The only debate I can see comes from deciding how much to use this event as a sober reminder to everyone else who thinks that this will never happen to them, that they will just drive intoxicated this one time. Let this be a lesson to us all.

  3. CR on November 10th, 2008 10:59 am

    Those poor children died as a result of McCormick`s Stupidity and their poor parents will probably grieve for the rest of their lives.
    7 years is not enough in my eyes and i hope he does the full 7 years and not 3 and half years for good behaviour