Pop Star Taylor Dayne Charged with DUI

By Garth O'Brien | June 1, 2008 
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Taylor Dayne DUIBeverly Hills, California. Taylor Dayne exploded onto the pop scene in the late 1980’s. She melted teen hearts with her big hair and pretty face. I recall Dayne’s hit “Tell It To My Heart,” electrifying the dance floor at junior high and high school dances. She was comfortable on stage entertaining millions, but will she be comfortable in court asserting her legal rights?

Earlier this year Taylor Dayne was arrested for DUI in Beverly Hills. Only a few facts have been made public, but allegedly Dayne failed the field sobriety tests. It is also alleged her blood alcohol content was below California’s legal limit of 0.08. Since Dayne provided a blood alcohol sample below 0.08 Dayne will fight her DUI charge aggressively.

Some of you might be confused that the prosecutors are still pursuing DUI charges against Dayne even though she was under the legal limit. DUI can be prosecuted by two separate legal theories. The prosecution can prove that [1] Dayne had a blood alcohol content of 0.08 or higher, or [2] Dayne was under the influence of intoxicants while driving. The State cannot convict on the first theory, but they can seek a conviction on the second theory.

The jury will need to evaluate all the evidence and decide whether Dayne was under the influence of intoxicants. They will hear evidence about her driving, her interaction with the officer, her field sobriety test results and review any admissions. Since field sobriety tests are crap Dayne has a great case and I do not even know the rest of the facts.

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