Paris Hilton Free at Last

By Garth O'Brien | June 26, 2007 
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Lynnwood, California – June 26, 2007. Paris Hilton has served her three weeks of jail incarceration. Paris left the jail facility in Lynnwood, California with expected fanfare. Reporters and Paparazzi shouted questions and snapped photos as the hotel heiress made her way to her mother’s vehicle. A joyful Kathy Richards Hilton embraced her daughter with a relieved smile, and then drove away.

Paris Hilton served jail over a probation violation stemming from a DUI matter. Her jail saga was well documented by the media, and has finally concluded. Hopefully, Paris’ time in jail will deter future violations of her probation conditions and terms. There is still plenty of jail to impose if Paris fails to comply.

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