Paris Hilton Blames Lawyer for her Jail Sentence

By Garth O'Brien | July 2, 2007 
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Paris Hilton DUIParis Hilton wants to sue her DUI defense attorney. Paris still cannot believe someone could spend 21 days in jail for a DUI. Paris needs to come down from the clouds and open her eyes to reality. That advice is also for her parents who support suing her DUI attorney.

Paris Hilton must realize the maximum penalty for DUI is 365 days in jail. She was not given 21 days of jail for her DUI arrest. She was given 21 days of jail because she violated a condition of her probation. Probation conditions are proscribed by the judge presiding over the criminal matter.

An individual on probation must abide by the probation conditions. If you fail to follow the rules set by the judge you will go to jail. That is a simple fact. People are sent to jail daily for violating probation conditions. Paris’ 21 days in jail was not a novel punishment tailored just for her.

Spend some time in court observing probation hearings Paris. Pitch to Simple Life producers and get paid for being there while learning jail is given to everyone that violates probation.

And by the way, Paris failed to comply with 3 terms of her probation. She failed to enroll in an alcohol education class within 21 days of her sentence. She received several traffic violations since the beginning of her probation. Finally, she was driving while her license was suspended. This is a crime in itself.

I have been in criminal law for over 7 years. I would have given Paris more than 21 days for violating so many terms of her probation.

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