Officer Dave Cox Resigns from Corvallis Police | Update

By Garth O'Brien | November 13, 2007 
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Officer Dave CoxCorvallis, Oregon – There is an update to the Officer Cox matter from Corvallis. Officer Dave Cox is well known for his performance and has been referred to as being, “one of the most productive Corvallis, Oregon police officer.” Unfortunately, Officer Cox was arresting innocent people. In fact there are 27 questionable DUI arrests by Officer Cox currently under investigation.

Corvallis defense attorneys state arrest notation cannot be expunged from your record. That means David E. Picray will have a DUI arrest notice on his record even though he provided a breath test sample of 0.00, and his drug test confirmed zero drugs were in his system.

Office Dave Cox was named DUII Enforcement Officer of the Year in 2003. Absolutely scary. How many innocent citizens were forced to pay lawyer fees, take time off of work and suffer embarrassment because of Officer Cox’s incompetence? How many people accepted a plea bargain to a lesser criminal charge because they were scared to go to trial and fight the wrongful DUI?

Trust me the Officer Cox foul up is not uncommon. I once had a client in a similar situation. He was arrested for DUI and cooperated with the investigation. Various police officers concluded he was NOT under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The prosecuting attorney still charged him with the crime of DUI. My client had to pay my fee, attend 4 court appearances and miss work because of an incompetent prosecutor.

The prosecutor would not dismiss the case because she had filed the criminal charges. We had to go to a motion hearing and present evidence before a judge. Our judge was furious and dismissed the case.

Police agencies cannot tolerate or allow incompetence. Mr. Picray is not being prosecuted criminally, and yes he will avoid the typical nightmare a DUI arrest creates. However, he must deal with this issue and have a blemish on his record because of a bad cop. This is why people are afraid of the police. Quality control must be improved across the nation in all police departments. It is okay to have one bad egg from time to time, but these instances are cropping up far to often.

The Corvallis Police Department is much better off with Officer Dave Cox resigning. Now make sure the remaining officers are trained properly and performing their jobs in accordance to our laws. It is protect and serve, not arrest more than your colleagues.

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4 Responses to “Officer Dave Cox Resigns from Corvallis Police | Update”

  1. KingCast on December 19th, 2007 12:18 pm

    Sadly, you guys are not alone.


    Brian Noakes, Liko Kenney, Michael Isreal and Officers Dave Cox, Bruce McKay, Hensley and Rhodes: The trail of four rogue police officers.

    “While Officer Cox was collecting kudos for his record of DUII enforcement, he also was leaving a trail of citizen complaints — 14 formal complaints in his six-year tour of duty with CPD, including six in a single year. In at least two cases, civil suits were filed against the city stemming from DUI arrests by Cox…..Many citizens of this community have lost confidence in this department because of your actions,” Marr writes. “I believe becoming more proactive will help restore community confidence not only in this department but also in you as an officer.”

    My client Michael Isreal does not drink (watch him sing Negro Spirituals in this KingCast short film “American Lawyer One”) and he went through the same thing as Mr. Noakes before we prevailed on the state charges, got Officers Hensley and Rhodes adjudicated liable in V1996-61481 for making him a victim of violent crime and collected $58,500.00 in Federal Court.

    And Bruce McKay: Here’s the Concord Monitor editorial “McKay’s File sheds light on why officer died,” coupled with NH AG Kelly Ayotte’s bald-faced lie that they had only one complaint on Bruce McKay, when in fact they had this one, written by the wife of a police officer, who also holds a degree in Criminal Justice and a teaching certificate. Not to mention what she didn’t tell us about Gregory W. Floyd who in my opinion murdered Liko Kenney. How many complaints have to be filed before those in charge actually hold a rogue cop accountable, regardless of how much bling he brings in the door? It’s like playing Russian Roulette with human life and when that happens everybody loses.

    Movies and everything on the blawg post.


  2. Officer Dave Cox’s Sober Suspect Sues Corvallis Police Deptarment on April 6th, 2008 8:21 am

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  3. ellen on July 8th, 2008 5:49 pm

    I was also arrested by him for a bogus duii. I spent the summer a couple of years ago in “outpatient alcohol counseling” because the only option to get out of it was to go there. It was expensive and degrading. They told me if I went there I wouldn’t have it on my record. I’m glad he’s gone and I hope they get rid of others like him.

  4. Therapist Seattle on October 12th, 2008 3:38 am

    My friend’s home was robbed and stripped clean recently when they were holidaying in Europe for a month. Funny thing was the neighbours did not hear the alarm go off and thought they had suddenly moved as there was an authentic packers and movers on the lawn and all this happened over 3 days. They believe the tip off happened because they had informed the cops that they were gone for a month and needed a patrol watch on the house. Wonder what the cops have to say about this one!!!