New Zealand’s Worst Driver Encouraged to Get License

By Garth O'Brien | June 27, 2007 
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New Zealand DUIWellington, New Zealand – June 25, 2007. Alan Hogg is a menace on New Zealand roadways. Hogg has 30 convictions for driving with a suspended license and 13 convictions for DUI. Hogg’s conduct spans 18 years.

Judge Bruce Davidson has encouraged Hogg to get his driver’s license. Unbelievable. Judge Davidson had a challenging task on deciding whether to disqualify Hogg from driving or send him to jail. Judges really do have difficult decisions to make from time to time, but come on.

Judge Davidson wants to provide Hogg an opportunity to stop his cycle of repeat driving offenses. “Courts must be in the business of avoiding offending,” stated Judge Davidson. Someone needs to remind that justice Hogg has committed 33 driving offenses. After 13 DUIs you would assume Hogg would be a resident in a jail facility.

Good luck to the Kiwi drivers that live anywhere near Hogg. Judge Davidson better hope Hogg does not kill someone the next time he drives drunk.

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