Nationwide Push for Alcohol Detectors in Vehicles

By Garth O'Brien | November 20, 2006 
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Mothers Against Drunk Driving and other state highway special interest groups are pushing for mandatory Ignition Interlock Device installation for everyone convicted of Driving Under the Influence (DUI).

New Mexico has a mandatory Ignition Interlock law. Washington State requires the Interlock be installed for one year upon the first request of the court, then five years for a second request and finally ten years for the third request.

As a former prosecuting attorney and former DUI defense attorney, there is only one solution for DUI prevention. These must be an alcohol detecting device (Ignition Interlock Device) installed in every vehicle operated in the United States.

No one has a right to drive; it is a privilege regulated by your state government. Typically, an agency is delegated the authority to regulate this privilege (i.e. DMV or DOL). We are required to pass an initial written test, skills test, and pay a fee in order to get a driver license. Then every four to five years we must pay a renewal fee.

In the past five years there are approximately 13,500 deaths a year where the drive was legally under the influence. If the government is really concerned about saving lives then they must require every vehicle have a functioning Ignition Interlock Device.

Currently, the crime of DUI does not have an element of “intent.” Prosecutors do not need to prove the defendant intended to drive under the influence. However, if every car was required to have an Interlock Device, and an individual was caught Driving Under the Influence because they disconnected their Interlock, that would be clear evidence the individual intentionally committed DUI. Such conduct could become a felony requiring a five year minimum prison term. DUI would be nearly eradicated in the United States.

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