Mindy Jones Steals Ambulance After Her DUI Arrest

By Garth O'Brien | December 15, 2009 
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oklahoma-duiOklahoma. Mindy Jones wins the “Huge Idiot of 2009” award. Jones was busted for DUI and Hit and Run on December 12th. She was taken to a local hospital for a evidentiary blood draw to determine her blood alcohol concentration. For a brief period of time Jones was left unsupervised.

Taking advantage of this unique opportunity the clown decided to escape the hospital and steal an ambulance in order to search for her ex-boyfriend (Shocking she has an ex-boyfriend being as crazy as she is). Jones cruised for 50 miles before being stopped by police again. News crews arrived at the scene and Jones gave a quick interview stating, “I had the ambulance, and I had a pretty good time driving it.”

Have fun in jail. I have a feeling you will be spending some quality time behind bars.

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