Michael Vick’s Younger Brother Marcus Adding to Family Name

By Garth O'Brien | November 9, 2008 
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Marcus Vick
Norfolk, Virginia. While former NFL all-star Michael Vick sits in a federal prison for dog fighting his younger brother, Marcus, adds to the Vick family name. Marcus was convicted of DUI stemming from a June 13th arrest.

On June 13th, Marcus was spotted having an argument with a woman in his car by a bicycle police officer. As the officer approached Marcus hit the gas and fled. Marcus soon learned that police utilize radio technology and a squad car brought Marcus to a halt. Marcus was soon arrested for DUI.

He recently was convicted of the DUI charge and must pay fines totaling $500 and will lose his driving privilege for one year. However, Marcus lucked out as all of his jail time was suspended. Too bad, because I bet his brother would have enjoyed a familiar cell mate.

Marcus played football at Virginia Tech like his older brother, but Marcus’ off-field troubles shortened a promising career and never made it to the NFL.

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