Miami Dolphins Cornerback Will Allen Arrested for DUI

By Garth O'Brien | February 23, 2010 
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Miami Beach, Florida. When it rains it pours and right now athletes in every sport are being arrested on nearly a daily basis for DUI. Miami Dolphins cornerback Will Allen is one of the more recent to join the DUI arrest club.

Allen drove up to a police barricade just after 3:00 a.m. on February 20 demanding to gain access to a closed road. Allen went as far as revving his Ferrari’s engine to illustrate his burning desire to drive on the closed roadway. Police contacted Allen and noted an odor of intoxicants, bloodshot eyes and that Allen appeared sleepy. Who does not look sleepy at 3:00 a.m.?

However, that was enough evidence to warrant Allen being arrested for DUI. During the DUI processing Allen provided to breath test samples. He blew a 0.152 and a 0.167 which is double Florida’s legal limit of 0.08. Here is some free and obvious advice for Allen, “Hey dumbass, do not try to pass through a police barricade. Especially when cops are present and after you have been drinking all night.” Was the comment professional? Probably not, but come on people Allen needs a dose of shocking common sense.

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