Mayor Eugene Maysky Arrested Again for DUI – His Fourth

By Garth O'Brien | August 12, 2008 
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Trainer, Pennsylvania. The Mayor of Trainer, Pennsylvania has a very understanding constituency. Since 1988, Eugene Maysky, 52, has been arrested for DUI three times. Two arrests occurred while he was in office as Mayor. Maysky has yet to learn his lesson, but I hope the voters finally become fed up with his antics.

Police stopped Maysky in the early hours of last Friday because he was driving without his headlights illuminated. The officers commented that Maysky was drunk and arrested him for his fourth DUI. Some residents of Trainer are suggesting he step down from his post of 20 years. However, his fellow city politicians have all agreed not to speak publicly about Maysky’s brush with the law. Outstanding. Way to stick your neck out and condemn a repeat drunk driver. Maysky is setting a fantastic example for your community. How about growing a pair and ousting the public nuisance?

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  1. jackie on September 16th, 2008 2:55 pm

    what was the outcome of his arrest?
    what was the date
    what was his BAC