Man Changes Legal Middle Name to Megatron – Decepticon Leader

By Garth O'Brien | July 9, 2007 
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MegatronSeattle, Washington – July 2, 2007. Jason Michael Burrows was on a mission this past July 2. He marched into the King County District Court to legally change his middle name.

Jason chose to pay homage to his childhood hero the ruthless and domineering leader of the Decepticons. Jason is now legally known as Jason Megatron Burrows. The mention of Megatron (pictured right) strikes fear in every Autobot except one; Optimus Prime.

Luckily there is a representative on Earth to take up the name of Megatron’s rival. Scott Edward Nall changed his entire legal name to Optimus Prime in May of 2001.

What name change would you request of the court?


View Jason’s “Order Changing Name” legal document.

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