Lofa Tatupu – Seattle Mourns His Disappointing Decision

By Garth O'Brien | June 1, 2008 
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Lofa TatupuKirkland, Washington. I have been putting off writing this piece for quite sometime. I grew up in a suburb of Seattle and am an avid Seattle Seahawks fan. One of the greatest Seahawk’s draft pick ever is Lofa Tatupu out of USC. Tatupu immediately joined the team and had a devastating impact on opponent offenses. He is charismatic, talented and gives 110% every Sunday. Seahawk fans fell in love with Tatupu overnight, and the team offered the line backer a $42 million contract this off season.

Then Tatupu decides to drive 60 mph in a 35 mph zone in Kirkland. Kirkland is just east of Seattle across Lake Washington and has a hip nightlife with dozens of bars and restaurants. The Kirkland Police Department is well aware of these attractions and arrest hundreds of drunk drivers each year. Driving 60 mph in a 35mph zone is a real bad idea in Kirkland especially after drinking.

Sargeant Aksdal observed Tatupu’s speeding and also noticed Tatupu make an aggressive lane change before initiating a traffic stop. During the stop Tatupu denied consuming intoxicants even though an odor of alcohol was on his breath. Aksdal also observed that Tatupu had bloodshot eyes. He was arrested then provided two breath test samples reading 0.155 and 0.158. Washington State’s DUI legal limit is 0.08.

Seahawks president Tim Ruskell calls Lofa the “cornerstone” of the team, and that he is, “a Seahawk for life.” Lofa with those compliments and your millions of dollars what are you doing driving drunk? No one in your entourage is man enough to stay sober and drive you around? You are just too cool to use a taxi? It is too bad there are thousands of kids that wear your jersey proudly at Qwest Field on Sundays. They have the wrong role model. I am sickened by your actions and my #51 jersey has been retired permanently. Well I might break the jersey out to wipe my engine clean, or to pick up dog goodies in my yard.

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One Response to “Lofa Tatupu – Seattle Mourns His Disappointing Decision”

  1. Jack Payne on June 3rd, 2008 1:17 pm

    First I heard of this story. Tatupu is a Seahawks legend. How sad. Hope this situation straightens out, he gets on the straight-and-narrow, and all is up, up and away from here.