Kollin Nielson’s Killer Charged with Vehicular Homicide

By Garth O'Brien | July 3, 2007 
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Seattle, Washington – June 27, 2007. Kyle Williams, 31, of Woodinville, Washington was charged with Vehicular Homicide. Kyle is responsible for driving into a road construction zone and killing Kollin Nielson and injuring Brandon Overland.

Kyle Williams provided a blood test which resulted in a 0.20 blood alcohol content reading on the night of the incident. Washington State’s legal limit is 0.08. Much of Kyle’s night prior to the accident was spent consuming gin and tonics at a bar in Kirkland, Washington.

Highway construction workers have a dangerous occupation. They perform their job duties an arm’s length away from vehicles traveling in excess of 60 mph. Concrete barriers and heavy machinery can only do so much in providing protection. In some instances the barricades are merely plastic. Add a few intoxicated drivers on the highway and the chances of injury or death skyrockets.

Why aren’t the citizens of Washington angry enough to end DUI? Why doesn’t the state government create initiatives to stop DUI instead of wasting their time merely increasing DUI penalties? Nationally, 16,000 people lose their lives annually to impaired drivers. Isn’t time to stop DUI? Support Ignition Interlock Devices as standard vehicle equipment as a measure to rid our society of senseless death and drunk drivers.

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