King County Prosecutors Shockingly Decline to Prosecute Resigned Crime Lab Manager Anne Marie Gordon

By Garth O'Brien | November 10, 2007 
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King County Seattle, Washington – November 9, 2007. Anne Marie Gordon signed an evidence document under penalty of perjury. Everyone that prosecutes and defends DUIs in Washington State understands what that means.

Each and every one of us knows that by signing that document Anne Marie Gordon is certifying she examined and tested simulator solutions. The truth is another lab technician did the examining and testing. Anne Marie Gordon resigned and an investigation ensued.

However, the King County Prosecutors bought off on Anne Marie Gordon’s defense: She thought signing was just a, “function of her oversight of the testing.” The Washington State Crime Lab must have a difficult time finding employees that can read. Here is an example of the document:

Simulator Solution

Right. I can see how an educated person confused the, “I examined and tested…” portion of the form to mean she was conducting “oversight.” Disgusting.

Up until this point the state would contend she did the testing and examining herself. When it was discovered she was not the one actually performing the examining and testing our wonderful government switched their position. I am relieved I no longer deal with this garbage that pollutes the halls of our justice system. It is appalling, as a former prosecutor and defense attorney, that this has happened.

We will do anything to get drunks off the street no matter how corrupt we must become. The crime lab and the prosecutor’s office failed. The justice system failed. No one cares though because DUI defendants need to be punished.

I am not a fan of criminals, but I do not cheer for sloppy law enforcement tactics either. Little white lies and loop hole technicalities cannot be used to enforce our laws. But again who cares? The only ones screwed in this situation are a bunch of people arrested for DUI.

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  2. eric derleth on July 24th, 2008 10:22 am

    Now we in Alaska have to deal with her. She shouldn’t ever be allowed to testify again for the government. You’d think this would prevent her from finding employment in the public sector, he said skeptically.