Jury Selection For A Washington State DUI Jury Trial

By Garth O'Brien | November 6, 2009 
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Jury selection is a critical for a DUI jury trial. Evidence of impairment from intoxicants or drugs can be quite subjective. Many DUI cases will not involve CSI like evidence. Most of the evidence is left up to interpretation by the investigating police officer. Selecting the right jurors can determine whether one side will win or lose even before the evidence is presented.

Both the prosecution and defense attempt to select jurors that would most likely prove beneficial for their respective clients. Below is a chart listing characteristics of jurors that the defense is seeking and the jurors the prosecution is seeking:

Prosecution Jurors
1. Non-drinkers – recovering alcoholics.
2. MADD members.
3. Up-tight judgmental types.
4. Physical fitness buffs.
5. Anyone w/ law enforcement ties.
6. Those close with friends or family with drinking problems.
7. Anyone involved in accident with drunk driver.
8. Computer lovers.
9. Engineers/technical types.
10. Pessimists.
11. Persons in the medical profession.
12. Persons employed in insurance industry.
13. Retired military officer.
14. Supervisors.
15. Those who never drive after drinking.

Defense Jurors
1. Drinker’s who admit to having more than two drinks in one sitting.
2. Middle to lower class.
3. Those who appear underdressed.
4. Blue collar workers.
5. Country music fans.
6. Rugby/softball/soccer team members.
7. Overweight persons who drink.
8. Smokers.
9. Social easy going happy people.
10. Individualists.
11. Persons who have contested traffic tickets.
12. Those who root for underdog.
13. Retired non-commissioned military.
14. Persons distrustful of government.
15. Beer and bourbon drinkers.
16. Optimists.
17. Anyone you instinctively like.

This list evolves yearly and is in no way comprehensive. It does provide a thumbnail blueprint of jurors that are favored by the defense and the prosecution.

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