Juan Briceno Drinks Wite-Out to Thwart Breath Test

By Garth O'Brien | July 27, 2008 
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Omaha, Nebraska – July 26, 2008. I am sure many of you have heard of the urban legend about placing a penny in your mouth to interfere with the breath test device. Juan Briceno heard a different urban legend. Briceno was sitting in the breath test room waiting his turn to blow into the machine. Briceno spied a bottle of Wite-Out on the breath test tech’s desk. He reached out with his hand and grabbed the bottle of correction fluid. Then Briceno drank the contents of the bottle. Absolutely disgusting.

Poor Briceno. This tactic will only delay the breath test by another fifteen minutes. It will not interfere with the results of the breath test. Most states require that the administrator of the breath test check a suspect’s mouth 15 minutes before the breath test. They must make sure nothing is in the suspect’s mouth. Then the suspect must be observed for fifteen minutes, and they are not allowed to put anything in their mouth. If they do, then the officer makes the suspect rinse their mouth and the fifteen minute observation period begins again.

All Juan did was delay the breath test and probably contracted a royal stomach ache.

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  1. Summer on August 6th, 2008 7:45 pm

    LOL I love that. Can you imagine what his mouth looked like right after drinking that? Oh yeah, how did you know I drank that bottle of Wite-Out? I thought the label said it would cover up any mistake!