Jim Tressel Rewards LB Doug Worthington for DUI

By Garth O'Brien | September 7, 2008 
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BuckeyesOhio State Buckeye Doug Worthington was busted for DUI this past July. You might expect the linebacker to sit out a few games with a suspension. However, Ohio State’s policy does not call for a suspension until the second violation. A university with class and one that expects more from their players is Georgia. A first violation at Georgia triggers a suspension of 10% of the season.

Of course the head coach has discretion to suspend a player and encourage good behavior off the field. Jim Tressel thought long and hard about a punishment for Worthington. Tressel decided to sit Worthington out a few plays during the game against Youngstown State. Worthington must stand on the sideline in shame because he is not starting and will miss a few plays. Jimmy please give Worthington mercy!

Jimmy you have sparked fear amongst your team. I am certain with such a heavy punishment everyone on your team learned a valuable lesson. Way to go Jimmy.

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