Hit Series 24 Actor Kiefer Sutherland, aka “Jack Bauer” Jailed

By Garth O'Brien | October 10, 2007 
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Los Angeles, California – October 9, 2007. Say it isn’t so. America’s hero Jack Bauer has entered into a plea agreement for his recent DUI arrest. Last month Kiefer was stopped by police for executing an illegal U-turn. The traffic stop led to a DUI investigation and a formal DUI arrest.

Justice was delivered incredibly fast for Kiefer. Per the plea bargain, Kiefer will serve 30 days of jail for the most recent DUI. Kiefer is still on probation for a DUI case during 2004. Clearly a new violation has him in trouble with that court. Sutherland’s probation court sentenced him to an additional 18 days. So our famed Jack Bauer will serve a total of 48 days in jail.

Kiefer delivered a sincere and apologetic statement. Unlike the past few DUI celebs, Sutherland is at least acting responsible and taking his licks like a man

I have been a Kiefer Sutherland fan for as long as I can recall. His credits are quite impressive for a child of the 80’s. Lost Boys, Flatliners , Stand by Me, Bright Lights – Big city, A Few Good Men and countless other fantastic works.

Kiefer I hope you can overcome this battle.

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