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By Garth O'Brien | November 6, 2007 
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WordPressBlogger was the first blog software I used upon launching Washington State DUI Blog. I quickly graduated from the limited functionality of Blogger and moved to WordPress. Making the jump to WordPress was the right move. WordPress offers easier customization and robust features.

Finally, there forum board help is fantastic. I recently upgraded from version 2.1 to 2.3.1, and encountered some technical issues. My categories disappeared and I could not access the blog control panel. That was a bad scene. However, the members on the WordPress forum were extremely helpful and responded immediately. They identified the issue and provided a solution requiring I contact my hosting service.

HostMYSiteSo I then reached out to HostMySite which currently, yes you guessed it, hosts my site. Their customer service replied to my inquiry within a few minutes, and they solved my technical problems within the hour! I interact with many hosting companies for various SEO clients, and I must say HostMySite is one of the best around for customer service.

Thanks to the moderators on the WordPress forum and to the customer support at HostMySite.

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