Hawaiian State Senator Ron Menor has Plenty of Excuses

By Garth O'Brien | May 31, 2008 
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Senator Ron MenorHonolulu, Hawaii. State Senator Ron Menor entered a formal plea of no contest to a DUI criminal charge. However, Menor has plenty of excuses to convince everyone that he simply was not under the influence of intoxicants the night he was arrested.

Menor claims he was wearing one contact lens, and that lens was old. Menor also claims he had a fractured foot. Let’s take Menor’s word and believe all of his excuses. The question of the hour is, “What were you doing driving on a highway with improper contacts and while having a broken foot?” However, Menor likes to leave out some important facts.

Menor refused to participate in the field sobriety tests, and he also failed the breath test. Senator keep your excuses to yourself and take responsibility for your actions. Being over the legal limit is against the law. A law you should be familiar with since you are a state senator.

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