Hawaii Amends DUI Law – Increases Penalties

By Garth O'Brien | June 27, 2007 
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Hawaii DUI

Hilo, Hawaii – June 27, 2007. Effective July 1, 2007, highly intoxicated drivers arrested for DUI will face new driving sanctions before the case is even brought to court. A highly intoxicated driver must provide a 0.15 or higher blood alcohol content sample.

The police officer must follow new protocol when they determine a DUI suspect has a BAC level 0.15 or higher. The police officer must confiscate the DUI suspect’s vehicle registration, vehicle license plates and the suspect’s driver’s license. The suspect will receive a temporary set of license plates and a temporary vehicle registration. The suspect will not qualify for a conditional driver permit.

Hawaii is taking a more aggressive approach with DUI because the have one of the highest alcohol related fatality rates compared with other states. Hawaiian drivers should be cautious during the 4th of July because there will be a significant increase in DUI roadblocks.

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