Golf Cart DUI for Bill Murray in Sweden

By Garth O'Brien | August 25, 2007 
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Stockholm, Sweden – August 19, 2007. Actor-comedian Bill Murray was arrested for DUI while operating a golf cart in Stockholm. Murray was participating in a golf tournament, but seems to have used the golf cart for touring downtown Stockholm.

Stockholm Police detected evidence to support alcohol consumption and requested Bill Murray submit to a breath test. Murray refused the breath test, but supplied a blood sample. Even though the results of the blood sample were not available during the investigation, Murray signed a document admitting guilt. Murray also requested the police enter a plea of guilty if he is criminally charged.

Americans may scoff that someone can be charged with DUI while operating a golf cart, but Washington State has similar laws. I recall a DUI case while prosecuting for the City of Seattle that involved a motorized scoot-skate. It is common for people in Washington to be arrested for DUI while operating a golf cart during local PGA events.

Washington State prosecutors cannot charge an individual for DUI while operating a non-motorized bicycle.

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