Gators Reinstate Carlos Dunlap for the Sugar Bowl

By Garth O'Brien | December 20, 2009 
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Gainesville, Florida. Florida Gator coach Urban Meyer lifts Carlos Dunlap’s suspension just in time for the Sugar Bowl. Dunlap was suspended from the team for his DUI arrest. After the stomping Florida received from Alabama in the SEC Championship it is not stunning they want all able bodies on the field for the Sugar Bowl. Also, it is a Florida football program. Is anyone really shocked they give such light sanctions to players that break the law? Florida schools have consistently looked in the other direction or doled out the lamest of punishments when their players go thug or stupid. Yes, Dunlap went very stupid the night he was arrested. He was so hammered he passed out in the middle of an intersection while the car was running and in gear. Just another privileged athlete getting another athlete DUI and no one really cares because they are lights out on the field of play.

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