G-String Santa Claus Arrested for DUI

By Garth O'Brien | December 30, 2007 
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Santa ClausLos Angeles, California – December 25, 2007. An impostor Santa Claus was arrested in Los Angeles on Christmas day. The fake Claus was discovered outside Grauman’s Chinese Theater in his vehicle. He was wearing a Santa hat, but that is where his official Santa costume ended.

The rest of his outfit was comprised of a red lacy camisole, black leg warmers and purple G-string. Police knew right away this was not the real Santa Claus because of the outfit and the fact the suspect was not riding in a sleigh. Also, the suspect was under the influence of alcohol providing a breath test above 0.08.

The real Santa Claus never drives under the influence of intoxicants. On his annual jaunt across the globe delivering gifts to children he only consumes milk with cookies.

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