From Hero to Zero Adrian Pasdar Charged with DUI

By Garth O'Brien | February 23, 2010 
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Los Angeles, California. The Hero, Nathan Petrelli, or NBC’s Heros is hard at work tarnishing his image. Adrian Pasdar has been formally charged with DUI arising out of his January arrest. Pasdar’s arraignment is set for February 24 at the Los Angeles Superior Court.

On January 27, Pasdar was observed by California Highway Patrol speeding in his Ford F150. The “flying” hero was zooming along at 94 m.p.h. During the traffic stop the officer noted an odor of intoxicants. Pasdar did participate in the field sobriety tests, but refused to provide a breath test sample.

Oh Adrian everyone knows you can afford a taxi. If you really are down on your luck I am sure your Dixie Chicks wife, Natalie Maines can sport you some taxi cash.

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