Five Year Old Granddaughter in Car with Drunk Dan Bramwell

By Garth O'Brien | May 31, 2008 
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Dan BramwellMay 22, 2008 – Sedona, Arizona. This will not be a proud year for 57 year old Dan Bramwell. On May 22, Bramwell was zipping along above the speed limit when police noticed his vehicle. The red and blues were activated and Bramwell was stopped.

During the investigation police allegedly noted that Bramwell smelled of alcohol and he failed the field sobriety tests. To compound his troubles the police located an empty bottle of wine in his vehicle. Worse yet, Bramwell was not alone in his car. His 5 year old granddaughter was a passenger. Bramwell faces an aggravated DUI charge and an open container violation. Way to go grandpa.

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