Drunk On-Duty Ambulance Driver Arrested For DUI

By Garth O'Brien | January 6, 2008 
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Drunk Ambulance DriverProvo, Utah – January 3, 2008. Todd Lindley, 43, saves lives through his occupation. Lindley is an ambulance driver in Utah. In the early hours of January 3, Todd was responding to a call. A couple of EMTs and Lindley were to bring a patient to Utah Valley Regional Medical Center.

His EMTs noticed that Lindley was not his usual self, and allegedly smelled of alcohol. A Utah County Sheriff was called in to investigate, and it was determined that Lindley was a tad under the influence. Lindley failed the field sobriety tests, and had a blood alcohol content three times above Utah’s legal limit.

Todd was booked into jail and later was released on bail. Lindley has since resigned his position of a volunteer ambulance driver, and most likely will be facing criminal charges.

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