Drunk Driver Collides with 24 Cars & 2 People

By Garth O'Brien | June 27, 2007 
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Long Beach, California. June 22, 2007. David Wecksler accomplished the unthinkable on February 15th by sideswiping 24 vehicles and striking two people while driving a few blocks.

The genius Wecksler admitted to consuming intoxicants while playing poker with friends. Wecksler blamed the accidents on a blown out tire of his GMC Sierra truck. Wecksler must have a learning disability too. It is possible you might hit two or three cars due to momentum of your vehicle and the shock of a tire blow out. However, Wecksler said the remaining 21 vehicles were damaged because he, “…was trying to find a place to park.”

A reasonable and or intelligent individual would have stopped after colliding with at least the fifth car. This guy stopped after careening into 24 cars. No shock police detected signs of impairment during contact with David Wecksler, and no shock Wecksler was convicted of DUI in 2003. Wecksler also has lost his privilege to drive previously four times.

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