Do Medina Police Arrest People for DUI? How Often?

By Garth O'Brien | December 20, 2009 
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Medina, Washington. A question was recently submitted asking if Medina police officers make many DUI arrests. The answer is definitely and more often than you would suspect. Quite shocking for a city that has an approximate population total of 3,500. Medina also is considered one of the richest and most exclusive neighborhoods in Washington State. Microsoft founder, Bill Gates, lives in Medina along with Microsoft colleague Charles Simonyi and Ichiro Suzuki of the Mariners. So do rich people drink and drive more often than the rest of the population accounting for the numerous DUI arrests in Medina? NO. Medina is unique and their jurisdiction includes a section of roadway that most cities do not have; a direct pipeline into Seattle, Washington.

Medina has jurisdiction over the eastern bridge span of State Route 520. The 520 bridge is only one of two bridges linking the Eastside to Seattle. Interstate 90 is the other bridge that slices through Mercer Island and spills out into south Bellevue, Washington. Since it is one of two options to cross Lake Washington the 520 bridge carries approximately 115,000 vehicles daily. The Medina police are very aware of this and keep a close eye on 520 traffic.

In fact, they pay very close attention to activity on the 520 bridge during the night and especially on the weekends. They will sit on the Seattle side and watch for a drunk driving suspect. If they observe a suspicious vehicle then they will follow behind and watch their driving ability. The officer will look for lane swerving, changes in speed and a few other drunk driving observations. As soon as the DUI suspect crosses the mid-span of the bridge, and makes another suspicious action the Medina cop can make a traffic stop. They also will park their patrol cars on the Medina side and wait for DUI suspects coming off the bridge. Often you will see a DUI suspect performing the field sobriety tests at the old Toll Plaza right before the first 520 exit for Medina.

Since the Medina police make so many DUI arrests the Medina prosecuting attorney is very skilled managing a DUI caseload. It is essential you retain an experienced Medina DUI attorney to protect your legal interests. Even first time offenders will face mandatory DUI penalties such asĀ  jail, driver’s license suspension, fines and a mountain of strict probation conditions. They will also be banned from entering Canada. Too much is at stake for you which is why you need that aggressive DUI lawyer. Contact us for a free legal consultation to discuss your options.

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  2. Steve on January 2nd, 2010 5:42 pm

    This is interesting. I wonder what motivates these guys to make some many stops. I always understood that the fines mostly went to Olympia rather than the local jurisdiction.