Deputy Aaron Flynn Saves Unconscious Woman from Train Collision

By Garth O'Brien | September 7, 2008 
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Train TracksSagle, Idaho. Erin Ellis Wert, 31, selected a poor place to take a nap in her Subaru. Wert stopped her vehicle on the train tracks at the crossing on Bottle Bay Road. She then fell into a deep sleep. A newspaper distributor witnessed Wert’s vehicle on the train tracks and contacted law enforcement.

Bonner County Sheriff’s Deputy Aaron Flynn arrived on the scene and assessed the situation. He contacted Wert by yelling loudly in the partially rolled down window. Wert merely moved her head, but was unable to open her eyes. Deputy Flynn observed a train heading toward their location. Without a moment to spare Deputy Flynn entered his patrol car and pushed Wert’s vehicle off the tracks.

Witnesses were amazed as the train barely missed Deputy Flynn’s patrol car. The brave and fast acting police officer will receive an accommodation. Wert, on the other hand, will receive a criminal charge for DUI.

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  1. Mr.MuH on September 8th, 2008 11:32 pm

    Erin ellis, Got ya!!!

    Mr. MuH