Cry Baby Robert Ray Huizenga Cannot Handle House Arrest

By Garth O'Brien | May 26, 2008 
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Huizenga DUIThe criminal justice system should treat all defendants equally, but that ideal is always crushed by rich criminals. Robert Ray Huizenga is another example of the wealthy dodging punishment for their irresponsible actions. Robert Ray is the son of the Miami Dolphins owner H. Wayne Huizenga. H. Wayne is a billionaire with plenty of money to throw at the criminal courts and to provide an aggressive defense for his son.

Robert Ray should be serving jail for a felony DUI that involved injuring a 71 year old man. Instead the court gave Robert Ray house arrest. Worse yet, Robert Ray petitioned the court to suspend his house arrest five months before his term was up. Robert Ray argued, “I can’t go anywhere” (Yes, no kidding because you are on house arrest). He further stated, “I’m stuck at home, and that’s not helping … I think I can be trusted with a lesser form of supervision.”

Right. Robert Ray you injured another person with intoxicants in your system. You do need supervision like everyone else in this country that ends up injuring a person with intoxicants in their system. Also, how difficult can it be living in a home of a billionaire? I am sure there are some nice creature comforts at H. Wayne’s palace.

Somebody get this rich kid a bottle, and I hope the judge presiding over this case loses his re-election bid.

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2 Responses to “Cry Baby Robert Ray Huizenga Cannot Handle House Arrest”

  1. J on June 16th, 2008 12:16 pm

    I do agree, everyone should get punished for doing something wrong. But you said he didn’t go to jail, and failed to mention he did serve time. I’m also sure spending time in your own home everyday can get to anyone. Not all people like sitting on there butt and watching tv all day. When you’re not even allowed outside in your backyard. But like I said in the beginning everyone should get punished if you do something wrong. So what if it was lessoned, it’s over

  2. Garth O'Brien on June 16th, 2008 4:09 pm


    You are correct about jail. Thanks. The article I read left out that fact, but I located a more detailed story. Robert spent less than 3 months in jail and spent 4 months under house arrest. He was supposed to serve 9 months under house arrest.