Construction Crane Operator has History of Drug Arrests

By Garth O'Brien | November 16, 2006 
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Bellevue, Washington. On November 16, a construction crane collapsed destroying one building and damaging others. One death resulted in the incident. A Microsoft attorney named Matthew Ammon perished in his fifth floor apartment.

Investigators are still working hard to determine if the collapse was due to a structural defect or operator error. The crane operator, Warren Taylor Yeakey, was in the crane cab during the crash. Remarkably, he suffered minor injuries. Mr. Yeakey is no stranger to the criminal world. His criminal history includes six arrests involving drugs and arrests for other crimes.

Mr. Yeakey’s employer, Ness Crane Inc., supports a zero tolerance policy for drug use. The company Drug testing is used to monitor Ness Crane Inc. employees.

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