Cocaine, Alcohol & Road Rage – Lindsey Lohan Gone Wild

By Garth O'Brien | July 25, 2007 
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Lindsey Lohan

Beverly Hills, California – July 24, 2007. Lindsey Lohan was arrested for DUI in May and immediately entered into a substance abuse treatment facility. Lindsey recently checked out of treatment and turned herself in to the authorities to begin the DUI criminal court process.

Unfortunately, Lindsey Lohan relapsed and racked up more criminal liability. Early Tuesday Lindsey was allegedly operating her Denali SUV under the influence. Lindsey was chasing after her assistant that hours earlier resigned her position. Lindsey’s assistant, driving a Cadillac Escalade, stopped in a parking lot and contacted the police.

The brilliant Lohan remained at the scene and engaged her former assistant in an argument. Police arrived and initiated a DUI investigation. Lindsey was taken to the police station and provided a breath test registering a blood alcohol level of 0.12. The legal limit in California is 0.08. Because of her May DUI arrest, Lindsey was also driving with a suspended driver’s license. That too is a criminal traffic offense.

However, her DUI and driving while license suspended charge are nothing compared to the additional criminal charges she is accused of from the Tuesday night incident. Police located cocaine in one of Lindsey’s pockets. Possession of Cocaine is a felony in the State of California. Police also recommended Lohan be charged with Transporting a Narcotic. So Lindsey has two misdemeanor charges and two felony charges arising out of the July 24th arrest. She has not even resolved the May DUI yet.

Relapse is very common when trying to overcome alcohol addiction. Lindsey’s mistake was getting behind the wheel and committing four new crimes. At some point the court will no longer tolerate certain behavior even if the defendant is trying really hard to comply with substance abuse treatment. I suspect Lindsey is going to need her DUI lawyer to pull off a miracle if she wants to avoid jail and other severe DUI probation conditions.

How is it the gorgeous redhead of Hollywood fallen from grace so fast? She needs to curb her behavior before someone gets hurt or she hurts herself.

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  1. TDC on August 24th, 2007 4:21 am

    Someone please post a ban against buying anything that has Lindsey Lohan’s name attached to it. Do not watch her movies or buy her stupid toys for your little girls. Her movies are banned from my household. She is not even 21 years and she has two DUI’s and cocaine charges and she only is going to spend one day in jail? What is this showing our kids in America? This is STUPID>