Choosing a Seattle DUI Laywer for your Arrest

By Garth O'Brien | October 29, 2009 
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Seattle, Washington. An arrest for drunk driving in Washington state will be costly and painful. If you have been arrested for DUI in Seattle, or around Seattle it is critical you hire an experienced Seattle DUI lawyer. You want to hire an attorney that teaches other DUI attorneys how to successfully defend a DUI charge. You want a DUI attorney that has dedicated their entire practice to defending DUIs. That means they are not handling divorce matters, personal injury cases or other areas of law. Your DUI attorney only represents those accused of DUI.

Do I really need a DUI defense attorney when arrested for DUI?

YES! All DUI convictions in Washington carry mandatory penalties. This required punishment includes:

If you are not a citizen of Canada, then a DUI conviction will prevent you from entering Canada. The pain of a DUI arrest increases if you are convicted of that crime. In other words you would not have a dentist perform open heart surgery on you. You would hire a heart surgeon even if that meant paying a little more.

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