The Ignorant Wish Harsher DUI Penalties Will Make Our Streets Safe

A couple of weeks ago lawmakers, law enforcement and family members of drunk driving victims stormed Olympia demanding harsher DUI penalties. The minimal increase in jail time and slight increase in fines will NOT resolve your problem. I prosecuted DUI for the City of Seattle for two years. A majority of my trial cases involved […]

What Happens at a DUI Arraignment Hearing?

The arraignment hearing generally is the first time a defendant appears in front of a criminal court judge. In most jurisdictions a prosecutor will be present representing the rights and interests of the government. In Washington State the defendant’s presence is REQUIRED for a DUI arraignment hearing. Most criminal courts in Washington State will have […]

Finger Dexterity Field Sobriety Test Explained

Some law enforcement agencies in Washington State utilize the Finger Dexterity field sobriety test during a DUI investigation. The Finger Dexterity test is not recognized as a Standard Field Sobriety Test by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, and in my experience this sobriety test is complete garbage. I have administered this test on countless […]

Arlington Man Killed by Suspected Marysville Drunk Driver

Marysville, Washington – December 19, 2009. It will be a very sad Christmas for one Arlington family this year. Earlier today a 26-year-old man walking on Smokey Point BLVD was struck by a vehicle. Good Samaritans performed CPR on the victim until police and aid arrived, but it was too late. The victim died at […]

Do Medina Police Arrest People for DUI? How Often?

Medina, Washington. A question was recently submitted asking if Medina police officers make many DUI arrests. The answer is definitely and more often than you would suspect. Quite shocking for a city that has an approximate population total of 3,500. Medina also is considered one of the richest and most exclusive neighborhoods in Washington State. […]

The BAC DataMaster Breath Test Machine Error Messages

Washington State utilizes the BAC DataMaster breath test machine to measure the blood alcohol content of a suspect arrested for driving under the influence. The BAC DataMaster is a product of National Patent Analytical Systems, Inc. (NPAS) located in Mansfield, Ohio. These DUI breath test devices require regular maintenance, and a proper environment for testing […]

The Finger to Nose Test – Another DUI Field Sobriety Test

The Finger to Nose test is not a standardized field sobriety test. However, a few law enforcement agencies still use this field sobriety test when conducting a DUI investigation including police officers in Washington State. The DUI suspect must stand with their feet together and their arms at their sides. The DUI suspect must keep […]

The Alphabet Test DUI Field Sobriety Test

During a Washington DUI investigation the police officer is looking evidence that would establish the driver is Driving Under the Influence of intoxicants. One of the field sobriety tests some police officers use in the State of Washington is the Alphabet test. Many friends remark they could never repeat the Alphabet backwards while sober, so […]

The Rhomberg Balance DUI Field Sobriety Test

During a DUI investigation the police officer inevitably inquires whether or not the DUI suspect will voluntarily participate in some field sobriety tests. In the State of Washington the DUI suspect has a right to refuse the field sobriety tests. There are no consequences in refusing the field sobriety tests. These drunk tests merely produce […]

The Backwards Count DUI Field Sobriety Test

The Backwards Count field sobriety test is not a standardized field sobriety test. However, a few law enforcement agencies still use this field sobriety test when conducting a DUI investigation. In particular, the Seattle police department and Washington State Patrol utilize this test when processing a Seattle DUI or Washington DUI arrest. The investigating police […]

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