Funny Arrest Story – Bad News and Worse News

Years ago a prospective client was explaining his night out on the town with buddies. It was a typical story provided by a vast majority of those arrested for DUI. For purposes of this post we will refer to my client as Mr. X. Mr. X informed me he was out after work hitting up […]

Vote for Ed McKenna for Seattle Municipal Court Judge

Ed McKenna is the best candidate for Seattle Municipal Court judge. He has decades of trial experience working as a City of Seattle Assistant City Attorney. He has managed voluminous caseloads and interacted as a community liason. Ed will be fair and reasonable. As a former prosecutor that worked side by side with Ed and […]

The Super Bowl is over and all you got was a DUI

Seattle, Washington. The Super Bowl is the biggest NFL game of the year, and this Super Bowl was no exception. The underdogs and fan favorite Saints knocked off Peyton Manning’s powerhouse Colts. Many of you probably watched the football game at a Super Bowl party checking your betting pools, watching the anticipated yet dull commercials […]

“Drive Hammered, Get Nailed” is a Lie; False Advertising

Law enforcement agencies in the State of Washington adopted, “Drive Hammered, Get Nailed” as a DUI ad campaign slogan. In part this is a lie. “Drive hammered, get nailed” sends an improper message to the citizenry of Washington State. Washington State does not enforce a Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) criminal law. Washington enforces a Driving […]

How Seattle DUI Police Officers Detect Impaired Drivers

Washington State law enforcement and particularly the Seattle DUI Squad are highly trained at detecting which drivers are impaired while driving.  Extensive DUI detection training teaches a police officer to observe the following cues when a suspect vehicle is in motion. These cues encompass just about any situation while driving: * A moving violation; * […]

How Washington Police Officers Detect Impairment from Contact

Once a Washington police officer has pulled you over they are trained to make certain observations relevant for a DUI arrest while directly interacting with the driver. The initial contact is critical for the driver and the police officer. Based upon certain observations the driver might be heading to the police station instead of continuing […]

Washington Minor DUI Arrests and the need for an Attorney

Seattle, Washington. Did you know there is a Minor DUI crime in Washington State? It is a misdemeanor which means the maximum fine is $1,000 and the maximum time in jail is only 90 days. However, any amount of jail for your 16 year old daughter would be a harrowing experience. Think it will never […]

Choosing a Seattle DUI Laywer for your Arrest

Seattle, Washington. An arrest for drunk driving in Washington state will be costly and painful. If you have been arrested for DUI in Seattle, or around Seattle it is critical you hire an experienced Seattle DUI lawyer. You want to hire an attorney that teaches other DUI attorneys how to successfully defend a DUI charge. […]

Carol Simpson’s Killer Michael Dyer is Sentenced

Tacoma, Washington – February 26, 2007. Michael Dyer, 21, was released from jail after serving a jail term for a violating his drug charge probation. It appears Michael decided to celebrate his release by Driving Under the Influence without a valid driver’s license. Michael Dyer was speeding through the town of Puyallup during heavy traffic. […]