Helpful WordPress & HostMySite Save the Day

Blogger was the first blog software I used upon launching Washington State DUI Blog. I quickly graduated from the limited functionality of Blogger and moved to WordPress. Making the jump to WordPress was the right move. WordPress offers easier customization and robust features. Finally, there forum board help is fantastic. I recently upgraded from version […]

Caged Banana Boy Discovered! A Sign of Dark Times?

And now for something completely different… Brought to you by our wonderful friends at [tags]banana, banana boy, cage, cage boy, caged boy, movies, movie review, video[/tags]

Man Changes Legal Middle Name to Megatron – Decepticon Leader

Seattle, Washington – July 2, 2007. Jason Michael Burrows was on a mission this past July 2. He marched into the King County District Court to legally change his middle name. Jason chose to pay homage to his childhood hero the ruthless and domineering leader of the Decepticons. Jason is now legally known as Jason […]

The Transformers Live Action Movie is Awesome!

In 1984, the Transformers comic book was released and Hasbro began selling the G1 line of toys. As a fourth grader, the Transformers immediately became my heroes. Bel-Kirk Stamps, Coins & Comics was my comic book haunt where I received my monthly Transformers comic book fix. I soaked in every adventure and battle illustrated in […]

We Wish You a Happy Fourth of July!

Have a wonderful 4th of July this year. Celebrate our Independence responsibly and please do not drink and drive.

Top Seattle Business Attorney Provides Sound Legal Advice

Kristi O’Brien continues to excel as a business and corporate attorney. Kristi’s practice areas include business transactions, mergers, acquisitions, stock purchase and sales, employment and corporate planning and formation. She also works closely with physicians seeking to create their own practice, and she even provides advice on various health care legal matters. Kristi earned a […]

Washington State Patrol Lowers Minimum Hiring Age

The Washington State Patrol (WSP) needs applicants and they need them fast. At the moment they have 29 trooper cadet vacancies. Twenty nine may seem like a low number, but this police force must cover the entire State of Washington. Adding to the immediate pressing need for applicants is the fact that twenty percent of […]

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