Seattle Police Officer Timothy Brenton’s Funeral Procession

November, 6, 2009 – Seattle, Washington. Today the Seattle Police Department and the Brenton family paid respects to their fallen colleague and loved one Timothy Brenton. Brenton’s colleagues and family were not alone with this sorrowful task. Hundreds of officers from other jurisdictions were there with them. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend his public […]

Seattle Police Officer Timothy Brenton Killed in the Line of Duty

Seattle, Washington – October 31, 2009. Seattle Police Officer Timothy Brenton was murdered in his parked patrol car on Halloween night. The shooting occurred at 29th and Yesler Way in the Leschi neighborhood. Brenton was a field training officer and had rookie Britt Sweeney in his squad car. Sweeney ducked during the initial hail of […]

The Bellevue Jazz Festival Makes Music in May

This is completely off topic, but we love promoting fantastic local events. The Bellevue Downtown Association produces the Bellevue Jazz Festival, which starts on May 22nd and ends on the 24th. This year the jazz concert features some amazing musical talent such as Kurt Elling, Dianne Reeves, Danilo Perez, Patricia Barber, the Mingus Big Band […]

WTF Law Enforcement? Robert Powell & Paul Schene Exercise Authority

Dallas, Texas. This post will get a lot of heated comments. The cop haters will come out of the wood work to disparage police officer Robert Powell. They will call for his job and some will demand he suffer physical pain. Then a wave of supporters will comment stating it is alright for cops to […]

Welcome to Seattle MLS & Go Sounders FC!

Tonight kicks off the inaugural season of Major League Soccer in Seattle. Did you know that the Sounders FC have sold more season tickets than any other MLS team this year? Seattle loves soccer and is ecstatic to have the Sounders FC!

Dino Rossi & GOP’s Slimy Campaign Tactics are Junior High

In person Dino Rossi seems like an all-around nice guy. However, Dino’s commercials have a hint of distrust and misdirection. A little research shows he is all about political double speak, and then you see this garbage. All I can associate with this billboard is slimy politics, underhanded tactics, two-faced and undeserving of my vote. […]

San Marcos Officer Paul Stephens Watches a Teacup Poodle Die in Owner’s Arm

San Marcos, Texas. This story is very alarming, and will shock the average citizen to the core. Krystal Hernandez owned a sweet teacup poodle named Missy. Unfortunately, Missy was very ill and required immediate emergency care. Krystal and her boyfriend Michael Gonzalez jumped in the car and raced off to a veterinary hospital to save […]

Don’t Think Cell Phones are as Dangerous as DUI?

Spokane, Washington. Everyone understands and is against driving under the influence of intoxicants or drugs. However, there is a substantial majority of citizens that would fight for their “right” to use their cell phone while driving. Shame on them. Studies have proven that driving while using a cell phone can be deadly and in some […]

Beer Pong / Beirut Championship Held in Las Vegas

Las Vegas, Nevada. The World Series of Beer Pong was held just a few days ago in Las Vegas. The tournament featured 600 warriors battling for the grand prize of $50,000. The championship version of Beer Pong is also known as Beirut. Each end of the 2×8 table has ten full keg cups stacked in […]


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