Questions to Ask a Seattle DUI Defense Lawyer & Attorney

The Seattle Police Department patrols every side street, main street, alleyway and highway each night looking for drunk drivers. They do this with a specialized DUI patrol squad. These police officers are heavily trained in DUI detection and investigation. In fact, members of the Seattle DUI Squad train other police officers across the State of […]

The Death of Steven Rhone – One Year Later

Bellingham, Washington. I maintain this blog and my DUI website to increase public awareness about drunk driving. Finding time to post articles with some frequency can be difficult with a 60+ hour work weeks and a family. Once again I recently went over four weeks without posting one article. Then I received an email from […]

Juan Briceno Drinks Wite-Out to Thwart Breath Test

Omaha, Nebraska – July 26, 2008. I am sure many of you have heard of the urban legend about placing a penny in your mouth to interfere with the breath test device. Juan Briceno heard a different urban legend. Briceno was sitting in the breath test room waiting his turn to blow into the machine. […]

Lofa Tatupu – Seattle Mourns His Disappointing Decision

Kirkland, Washington. I have been putting off writing this piece for quite sometime. I grew up in a suburb of Seattle and am an avid Seattle Seahawks fan. One of the greatest Seahawk’s draft pick ever is Lofa Tatupu out of USC. Tatupu immediately joined the team and had a devastating impact on opponent offenses. […]

Retain Experienced Washington State DUI Defense Counsel

The crime of DUI is aggressively prosecuted in Washington State. The police are highly trained in DUI detection and investigation. Prosecutors know the intricacies of our drunk driving laws and have extensive trial experience. The deck is stacked against you, but there is hope. It is possible to avoid the harsh DUI penalties of jail, […]

Washington State, DUI & Commercial Driver’s License

Very few Washington State citizens realize the Uniform Commercial Driver’s License Act (Chapter 46.25 RCW) enacted stricter standards for CDL holders in July of 2006. The grounds for the CDL disqualification were increased in RCW 46.25.090. RCW 46.25.090(1)(a) states: (1) A person is disqualified from driving a commercial motor vehicle for a period of not […]

Washington State DUI Prior Offenses Defined

The State of Washington, like most states across the country, requires mandatory DUI Penalties for every DUI conviction. You will receive jail, a license suspension, a steep fine and various probation conditions. This includes citizens with absolutely no criminal history. The State of Washington has a DUI Penalty Schedule. The DUI Penalty Schedule determines how […]

An Invalid Sample of a DUI Breath Test

The Washington State Patrol provides the DataMaster Operator Information Manual for training a police officer about the BAC breath test administration. If an individual is under arrest for Driving Under the Influence they will be taken to the police station for further investigation. The arresting police officer will read the Implied Consent Warnings to the […]

Negligent Driving in the First Degree | Washington State

There are many inquiries about the crime of Negligent Driving in the First Degree. Some also refer to this crime as Neg 1. Washington State has two classifications of misdemeanor crimes. A Gross Misdemeanor carries a maximum penalty of one year in jail and a $5,000.00 fine. Misdemeanors carry a maximum penalty of 90 days […]

Good Luck Entering Canada with a DUI Conviction

Canada, like every other nation, restricts certain non-citizens from entering their borders. Non-citizens that are not permitted to enter the nation of Canada are classified as members of an Inadmissible Class. Not only are these individuals prohibited from crossing the border into Canada, but it is a serious crime remaining within Canada as a member […]

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