The Accurate Definition of a Designated Driver

The Designated Driver Program became a formal and promoted idea in the 1980’s. It became another tool of an arsenal to prevent drunk driving with the ultimate goal of reducing drunk driving fatalities. However, over the years the designated driver ideal became warped. It became the punchline to jokes and it is my opinion that […]

The Widmark Formula And Drunk Driving

Ever heard about the Swedish physician E.M.P. Widmark? If you are not a science buff probably not unless you have busted for DUI and the Widmark formula was introduced in testimony during a hearing. Prosecutors and defense attorneys will attempt to utilize this equation to prove guilt or innocence. The equation considers amount of alcohol […]

Marguerite Engle Provides a Staggering .708 BAC Result

Sturgis, South Dakota. On December 1, 2009, Marguerite Engle, 45, was found in a parked truck next to Interstate 90. The truck had been reported stolen and quickly got the attention of law enforcement. Engle was arrested and then provided an astounding breath alcohol sample of .708. That is nearly NINE TIMES the South Dakota […]

Idaho Falls Police Officer Garry Squires Arrested and Guilty of DUI

Idaho Falls, Idaho. Fifteen year veteran of the Idaho Falls Police Department found himself on the wrong side of the law when he was stopped by an Idaho State Patrol troooper. Garry William Squires had a few drinks with friends and his wife, and then made the mistake of driving. An ISP trooper stopped Squires […]

Mindy Jones Steals Ambulance After Her DUI Arrest

Oklahoma. Mindy Jones wins the “Huge Idiot of 2009” award. Jones was busted for DUI and Hit and Run on December 12th. She was taken to a local hospital for a evidentiary blood draw to determine her blood alcohol concentration. For a brief period of time Jones was left unsupervised. Taking advantage of this unique […]

Amish Buggy Driver Arrested for DUI in Pennsylvania

East Lampeter Township – December 6, 2009. The local police department responded to a buggy disturbance Sunday night in East Lampeter Township. Apparently, Elmer Stoltzfoos Fisher had a few too many drinks before boarding his horse and buggy. Fisher was observed navigating his cart slowly and veering over the center lane divider. When the police […]

Jury Selection For A Washington State DUI Jury Trial

Jury selection is a critical for a DUI jury trial. Evidence of impairment from intoxicants or drugs can be quite subjective. Many DUI cases will not involve CSI like evidence. Most of the evidence is left up to interpretation by the investigating police officer. Selecting the right jurors can determine whether one side will win […]

Kirkland DUI Attorneys Need to be Experienced

Kirkland, Washington. Everyone knows the nightlife scene is in Seattle. With Pioneer Square, Belltown, Queen Anne, Capitol Hill and a few other key neighborhoods you will find a hi-fi bar, dive bar, sports bar or club. If you head across Lake Washington the scene is virtually dead with one exception; Kirkland. Kirkland has always been […]

One Drink Per Hour Rule to Avoid a Holiday DUI

Many former clients claimed they consumed one drink per hour. I then inquired what they were drinking. Quite often I heard one martini per hour. I even heard one 40 ounce of malt liquor beer per hour. One drink an hour does not mean one container of any size containing any type of intoxicating liquor. […]

Underage Drinking Can Lead to a Costly Minor DUI Arrest

Underage drinking is here to stay. If you do not believe me then go visit any college campus on the weekend or any weeknight or for that matter during class. Someone under the age of 21 will be near consuming alcohol and quite a few will even experiment with drugs. Universities try to combat underage […]

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