New Jersey Cop Martin Abreu Going to Prison

Martin Abreu, 26, was a Jersey City police officer. Now he is a convict and prison resident. One year ago Abreu was traveling on West Street when he drove his vehicle into pedestrians Marilyn Feng, 26, and Dennis Loffredo, 26. Feng recently graduated from New York University Law School and was her parent’s only child. […]

New York City Police Officer Roniel Dilone Arrested

One of New York’s finest finds himself on the wrong side of the law. Roniel Dilone, 26, is a four year veteran of the police force and his career is in sereious jeopardy. Dilone struck a parked car early on January 21 while off-duty. He managed to escape the collision without any injuries, but his […]

Yakima Police Officer Tarin Miller on Wrong Side of the Law

Yakima, Washington – March 2, 2009. Tarin Miller, 39, is a police officer for the City of Yakima. She has been hailed as a force in curtailing gangs and graffiti, but she has found herself in hot water. On March 2nd she was stop by a colleague which led to an investigation for Driving Under […]

King County Assessor Scott Noble Facing Vehicular Assault Charges

King County, Washington. March 19, 2009. Embattled King County politician Scott Noble is facing immense pressure from the Democrats and Republicans to step down as Assessor. It is very rare both parties aggressively seek the same endgame. However, Noble is accused of making a very big mistake. On January 18th Noble was involved in a […]

Seattle Police Department Lieutenant Donnie R. Lowe Busted

Seattle, Washington. Lieutenant Donnie R. Lowe of the Seattle Police Department entered a plea of not guilty to a DUI charge at his recent arraignment. The criminal charge stems from an arrest on November 23rd. A trooper of the Washington State Patrol witnessed Lowe’s vehicle drifting in the lanes.

Texas Senate to Curb DUI Breath Test Refusals

In most states a blood or breath test is required by any driver involved in an auto accident that results in a fatality or serious bodily injury. Both the at fault driver and victim driver are required to provide a blood sample. Neither driver has the right to refuse that test.Drivers arrested for drunk driving […]

Former Council Member Venus Velazquez Not Guilty

Seattle, Washington. Venus Velazquez was arrested for DUI in October 2007 just weeks before an election to secure another term as a City of Seattle Council member. The DUI arrest most likely was the sole reason Velazquez lost her election. Last week Velazquez was found “not guilty” by a jury of her peers. The jury […]

Drunk 5th Grade Teacher Busted Driving Away from School

Independence, Missouri. Kathy Moegle, 55, might be seeking employment elsewhere after a recent incident with her principal and an Independence police officer. Moegle teaches fifth grade at Blackburn Elementary School, and apparently enjoys drinking on the job. The school principal confirmed his suspicions after confronting Moegle during class, and called the police.

Washington State Felony DUI Law Slaps Todd Olson 7 Years Jail

Everett, Washington. Todd Olson’s reign of terror on Washington State roadways has come to an end for the next seven years. Any person with five DUIs in ten years will be charged under the felony DUI law in Washington State. Olson has a total of 10 DUIs, and thankfully six have occurred in the last […]

David Figueroa No Longer in Contention for Father of the Year

November 9, 2008. David Figueroa, 21, really enjoys his beer. In fact he is willing to sacrifice the well-being of his two year old child for a frothy brew. Figueroa went to his local tavern shortly after 1:00 am, and brought his child with him. The youngster was left in his unlocked car with no […]

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