Real Housewives of New Jersey Joe Giudice Arrested for DUI

New Jersey. Husband, Joe “Juicy” Giudice, of Teresa Giudice was arrested for DUI on January 14 after crashing his vehicle into a telephone pole near the Giudice’s residence. Juicy was taken to the Morristown Memorial Hospital for medical treatment and had a sample of blood drawn for evidentiary purposes. It is alleged that Giudice was […]

Lindsay Lohan on Thin Ice with the Court

Los Angeles, California. Lindsay Lohan had a probation or compliance hearing today. Superior Court Judge Marsha Revel reviewed Lohan’s progress to see if the actress was complying with all the terms of her probation. Judge Revel did find Lohan in compliance, but she is running out of time to complete her alcohol education classes. Lohan […]

Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra Conductor Paavo Järvi Arrested

Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra Conductor Paavo Järvi was discovered asleep behind the wheel of his vehicle recently. The car was running and on the roadway when police approached Järvi. The police conducted an investigation and Järvi allegedly failed the field sobriety tests in addition to refusing the DUI breath test. Järvi’s escapade was captured on video […]

Playboy Centerfold Crystal McCahill Arrested for DUI

Chicago, Illinois – Crystal McCahill will soon make every adolescent boy and college man drool with her upcoming spread in Playboy. As Miss May 2009 the male species and some females will stare with delight at this 5’7″ brunette’s naked body.

Emilio Navaira Pleads Guilty to DUI – Tejano Singer

Tejano singer extraordinaire Emily Navaira entered a plea of guilty to Driving Under the Influence of intoxicants. Almost one year ago Navaira was operating a tour bus when he crashed causing him to plunge through the windshield. Navaira to this day wears a helmet to protect his head as pieces of his skull are missing. […]

Gossip Website Author Nik Ritchie Busted for DUI

Sccottsdale, Arizone. Nik Ritchie, aka Hooman Karamian, maintains the website known as The Dirty. The Dirty compiles gossip stories and keeps a “Wall of Shame.” The Wall of Shame features celebrities that have been arrested providing the arrest details and mug shot. Well instead of waiting for someone else to generate content for his Wall […]

Top Chef Marcel Vigneron Busted for Drunk Driving

Laguna Beach, California. Top Chef contestant Marcel Vigneron earned a spot in the final round during season two, and recently earned a ride in a Laguna Beach patrol car. Marcel was speeding along the Pacific Coast Highway, and was promptly pulled over.

Saw This Coming, Shia LaBeouf Arrested for DUI

Los Angeles, California – July 27, 2008. A few weeks ago I saw reports of the rising young Hollywood star Shia LaBeouf being busted for smoking in non-smoking areas. He also had a few other odd run-ins with authority. I began to wonder when he would shamefully make an appearance on this blog. It did […]

Pop Star Taylor Dayne Charged with DUI

Beverly Hills, California. Taylor Dayne exploded onto the pop scene in the late 1980’s. She melted teen hearts with her big hair and pretty face. I recall Dayne’s hit “Tell It To My Heart,” electrifying the dance floor at junior high and high school dances. She was comfortable on stage entertaining millions, but will she […]

Angie Everhart Joins The Celebrity DUI Club

Los Angeles, California. Angie Everhart was busted for DUI. Police officers allegedly notice Everhart roll through a stop sign. During the investigation officers concluded she failed a chemical test and arrested her. Everhart was scheduled to appear in court this month, but the arraignment was delayed until June 18th.

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