Rapper Flo Rida Arrested for DUI

Celebrity and rapper Flo Rida, aka Tramar Dillard, must be a gambling man. He was arrested for DUI a few days ago with a blood alcohol level of .185. That is more than twice the legal limit for the state of Florida. At that level you are messed up badly, and even the hardcore alcoholics […]

Robert Rizzo Pleads Guilty to DUI

Huntington Beach, California. Robert Rizzo used to be the City Manager of Bell, California, but he¬†left his post after some trouble. The monkey on his back was a DUI arrest and his “generous” salary. Bell is a small city surrounded by Los Angeles and as of the 2000 census had a population of 36,664. Apparently, […]

Singer Faith Evans Arrested for DUI

Marina Del Rey, California. Grammy winning singer Faith Evans was caught breaking the law again. Recently, Evans was stopped at a DUI checkpoint and was determined to be driving under the influence by the checkpoint police officers. Her car was impounded and she was released on bail. In 2004, the widow of Notorious BIG, was […]

Seattle Attorney Anne Bremner Charged with DUI

Kenmore, Washington. Seattle area criminal defense attorney, Anne Bremner, was charged with DUI and her arraignment is scheduled for September 1, 2010. Bremner is widely known for representing police officers that fall on the wrong side of the law and she is somewhat of a celebrity. Bremner can often be seen on CNN, Fox News, […]

Deadliest Catch Star Jake Harris Arrested for DUI

Seattle, Washington. Cornelia Marie deckhand, Jake Harris, 24, was arrested for DUI just nine days after the passing of his father Captain Phil Harris. These recent events has sent shockwaves through Discovery’s hit television series Deadliest Catch. Last Thursday, Washington State troopers observed Harris driving a BMW 3 Series erratically. A vehicle matching the same […]

From Hero to Zero Adrian Pasdar Charged with DUI

Los Angeles, California. The Hero, Nathan Petrelli, or NBC’s Heros is hard at work tarnishing his image. Adrian Pasdar has been formally charged with DUI arising out of his January arrest. Pasdar’s arraignment is set for February 24 at the Los Angeles Superior Court. On January 27, Pasdar was observed by California Highway Patrol speeding […]

Celebrity DUI Mug Shots of the Past Few Years

It seems every month on of our favorite celebrities, professional athlete, college athlete or public figure gets nailed for drunk driving. Some of their mug shots are released for the public to view. We quickly realize our “idols” are just as human as your neighbor or buddy at work. We also realize some of our […]

Senate Majority Leader Sheldon Killpack Resigns From Utah Post

Sheldon Killpack, a now former Utah state senator, was arrested for DUI nearly one week ago. Killpack held the very powerful position of Senate Majority Leader. His arrest created a large blemish on the legislature and his political party. However, Killpack made an extremely courageous decision and resigned from his leadership position and from the […]

Thomas Dekker of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Guilty

Thomas Dekker, the young John Connor of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, agreed to a legal settlement with prosecutors regarding his October DUI arrest. The 22 year old Hollywood star pleaded no contest to the reduced criminal charge of reckless driving. Dekker will spend two years on informal probation, attend an alcohol education class and […]

Republican Senate Majority Leader of Utah Arrested for DUI

Millcreek, Utah. Sheldon Killpack is widely known throughout Utah as the Senate Majority Leader for the State Senate. Today, the Republican made the news for being arrested for DUI. The Utah Highway Patrol observed a vehicle driving poorly just after midnight. The UHP trooper stopped the suspicious vehicle and contacted the driver. During the contact […]

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