Carol Simpson’s Killer Michael Dyer is Sentenced

By Garth O'Brien | February 26, 2007 
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Tacoma, Washington – February 26, 2007. Michael Dyer, 21, was released from jail after serving a jail term for a violating his drug charge probation. It appears Michael decided to celebrate his release by Driving Under the Influence without a valid driver’s license. Michael Dyer was speeding through the town of Puyallup during heavy traffic.

Unfortunately, Michael Dyer collided with Carol Simpson, 53, a librarian at Eatonville High School. Carol Simpson died from her injuries on October 20, 2005. Carol Simpson clearly was loved and made a positive impact upon her community. Over 600 people attend her memorial service.

Michael Dyer pled guilty to Vehicular Homicide and was given the maximum sentence allowed by law. Michael will serve six years and three months in prison. This is hardly an adequate punishment for such a thoughtless and preventable crime.

In 2005, 16,885 people in the United States died from alcohol related motor vehicle accidents. Carol Simpson will be added to the 2006 statistics. If our government actually cared about our safety and really wanted to prevent drinking and driving there is a simple solution. Make Ignition Interlock Devices mandatory for every vehicle operated in the United States.

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