Boo Hoo Tempe Arizona Bartenders Don’t Like DUI Laws

By Garth O'Brien | December 30, 2007 
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Tempe, ArizonaTempe, Arizona. Arizona is known for strict DUI laws and imposing harsh penalties for DUI convictions. One mandatory penalty requires those with DUI convictions to install and Ignition Interlock Device.

This is not sitting well with Tempe bar and restaurant owners. Apparently, they are witnessing a decrease in alcohol sales and are blaming the decline on the Interlock requirement. The owners are speaking out letting everyone know about their conundrum.

Too bad. The people that have Interlock Devices in their car were caught driving under the influence. That means they consumed too much alcohol to drive. There is a good chance these DUI convicts got sauced at one of the bars or restaurants in Tempe. The owners of these establishments should be happy their customers cannot get liquored up and kill someone driving on their way home.

Also, the Interlock only prevents the driver from starting their vehicle. It does not prevent the person from getting plastered at a Tempe bar and then taking a cab or walking home.

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