Bethel, Washington School Bus Driver Arrested

By Garth O'Brien | November 7, 2007 
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Pierce County, Washington – November 6, 2007. A female Bethel school bus driver, 52, was arrested just before she was scheduled to drive students home. Police found her in the school bus with marijuana and a loaded gun under the bus driver seat. They also noted she appeared “impaired.”

Shockingly, that kind of activity is against the law, and not condoned by the school district (sarcasm inserted for your pleasure). Apparently she did not receive the memo. Also, distressing is that she has been the recipient of various community awards in the past.

* Award of Merit from the Washington State Patrol
* Certificate of Valor from the Graham Fire & Rescue

Then again, good people get DUIs. It is not a crime committed only by stereotypical criminals.

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